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Weather Display Downloads    

Weather Display install file  v 10.37S Build 42
for Windows XP (with latest updates) VISTA/W7/8/8.1/10. Note: Install to c:\wdisplay\ and not c:\Program Files\
Version on 2 March 2017 - 00:24:11

115.62 MB Download
How to get latest patches/updates for Windows XP
Weather Display ,.zip update  v 10.37S Build 42
for Windows XP (with updates),VISTA/W7/8/8.1/10 (unzip to where WD is installed and note the new .exe name, WeatherDisplay.exe)
Version on 5 March 2017 - 22:51:50
67.84 MB Download

Build 81 Weather Display install file  v 10.37R Build 81
for Windows NT/2000 / ME / XP/VISTA/W7/8
Version on 7 March 2017 - 22:49:33

34.16 MB Download
Weather Display For Intel MAC OSX10.8 and above v 10.37Mac Build 282
(Drag Icon to to Applications folder alias in disk image).
Version on 1 January 1970 - 01:00:00
0 MB Download
WDLiveapp, FREE (works with latest version, via the WDsendtetherdata (see under setup))
WDLiveapp for Android WDLiveapp for iPhone/iPad WDLiveapp8 for Windows Phone 8 WDLiveapp for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Universal
Setup files for the tide prediction
You need to unzip to where you have weather display installed
Version on 1 January 1970 - 01:00:00
1.35MB Download
WeatherMap Live Downloads    
WeatherMap Live v2.05
Read more about WeatherMap Live
Version on 1 January 1970 - 01:00:00
0 MB Download
"Steel Gauges" (Live weather gauges using HTML5)    
Info to download/install Steel Gauges

Latest News!
Version 10.37S Build 42
News:27th December 2016 :Added Bloomsky station support. Fix for extra sensor real time graph plot lines not auto updating.Fix for %changeinday% seconds. Fix for .wlk Davis import.Fixed potential variable corruption. Added support for Microsoft SQL.A couple of important and obscure bug fixes.New secure FTP versions to fully support SSH and SSL secure FTP available.New WDxmlwarning.exe version due to changes in NOAA https . New moviemaker.exe , where .mp4 video now works on mobile.Fix for crashes/hangs for WD Mac version, build 270.Price reduction. Improvement/speed to parsing of custom tags.Updated the compiler used for overall improvements.Improvement for handling Ultimeter station data. Added support for HobbyBoards 8 channel 1 wire relay.Fix for noon FYI update in latest Mac version .Fix for windfinder updates.Removed FaceBook after the breaking change they made not allowing auto posts.Latest version now has new real time graph option for main screen (see under setup, advanced/misc, main screen customise) also now has new icons under control panel and view panel.Improvement for %changeinday% in latest (now has seconds).New free Android app to show real time weather data over your local WIFI, to use with the latest version.

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